The Australian Institute of Dental Education and Research Pty Ltd (AIDER) is a private institute dedicated to the provision of quality professional development programs designed to assist dentists with consolidating and expanding their scientific knowledge base and clinical skills.

Dr Igor Cernavin and Dr George Alexopoulos established AIDER in 2006 to address the high demand for exam preparation for Overseas Trained Dentists undertaking the Australian Dental Council (ADC) accreditation process. Successful attainment of the ADC certificate permits an Overseas Trained Dentist to apply for registration to practice dentistry in Australia.

AIDER aims to provide guidance and confidence to students preparing for the ADC examinations. AIDER works with a pool of experienced academics, specialist dentists, and general dentists to provide the latest evidence-based insights into the various aspects of dentistry.

AIDER staff have years of experience in assisting students to achieve their goals, with AIDER being regarded amongst the best exam preparatory programs available.

The ADC states that the content of the exams are based on the expected competencies of a recently qualified Australian dental practitioner at the point of graduation from an ADC-accredited dental program. As can be appreciated, it is impossible to review an entire dental program in only five weeks.

Notwithstanding this limitation, AIDER programs are designed to provide students with contemporary evidence-based updates in the main dental specialities, with a particular focus on the key concepts of history taking, examination, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

Furthermore, the programs also enable students to revise and improve their clinical skills and to gain an appreciation of the standard of clinical dentistry practiced in Australia.

Preparatory Programs & Activities offered at AIDER