The current AIDER course has been modified to ensure that the tasks outlined by the ADC for the Practical Examination are thoroughly covered.
The focus of the course is directed to the practical components of the examination.

There is also scope for AIDER to assist candidates in their preparation for the written examination of the ADC examination process (Written Knowledge & Judgement Examination)

Key Features of the
AIDER 4 Week Program

• Attendance and participation in all rostered sessions

• Use of the pre-clinical training facility during
rostered times

• Use of a restorative manikin head

• Use of a radiology manikin head

• Basic consumables required to undertake
pre-clinical tasks

• Appropriate dental materials
(i.e. amalgam, resin composite.)s

• Clinical gowns

• Access to a seminar/tutorial room

• Access to a simple kitchen and tea room

• Notes of tutorials/seminars (subject to tutors / demonstrators giving AIDER permission to make copies of presentations) 

• Scientific articles recommended by tutors / demonstrators that AIDER can access 

( to be returned at the end of the course)

1 - Handpieces
2 - Hand instruments
3 - Rubber dam kit

(any loss or damage will have to be paid for)

What is not included 

•  Columbia Magnetic Manikin jaws ( You can either bring your own ,but, should be ADC manikin compatible or buy the jaws from us.You can also loan the jaws from us at $290.00 , the teeth and gums will be yours to take. )

• Additional manikin teeth, these can be purchased from AIDER as required

Monday to Friday :-

First session -  9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Second session – 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Third session – 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Some Saturdays included.

16 sessions a week
(Supervised and practice sessions).

Each session is of 3 hour duration.
Specialist sessions will be conducted during the practice sessions which are part of the program.

Infection control session and CPR session are also included. (CPD points are awarded for both)
ALSO AVAILABLE ( Details to be updated on our website shortly)

- Mock Exams

- Individual Supplementary Sessions for all tasks
(supervised or unsupervised)

- Assessments

For any further queries feel free to send us an email or contact us via phone.
Kindly register your interest with your preferred date and your contact details by 08-07-16

Supplementary Sessions

Supplementary sessions are now available in all areas; please get in touch with the AIDER office for booking and more details.

Please contact the AIDER office for further information.

AIDER offers a 6 week intensive program which is designed to assist students with their preparations for the Australian Dental Council Clinical Examinations. Groups are filling rapidly, so please reserve your place today.

Thank you.

AIDER was formed in January 2006 with the expressed aim of providing instruction by experienced clinicians and teachers to overseas trained dentists wishing to prepare themselves for the Australian Dental Council examinations for admission to practice in Australia. The course is an 8 week intensive training program of lectures, tutorials and “hands on” training on models.

4 Week Structured Program

- 08/01/18 - 5/02/18

More to be announced

Course fee: AUD $11,000.00 inc gst.

Mock Exam Dates

- 06/02/18 & 07/02/18
- 05/03/18 & 06/03/18
- 08/03/18 & 09/03/18

More to be announced

*Course and exam dates subject to change.