Clinical Program

(30 sessions)

The Clinical program comprises a combination of lectures, seminars, and tasks/simulations covering some of the key aspects of clinical dentistry.

The specialties and topics covered will include:

  • Principles of history taking, examination (incl. clinical information gathering), diagnosis, and treatment planning

  • Oral and maxillofacial Surgery

  • Oral Medicine and Pathology

  • Endodontics

  • Periodontics

  • Fixed Prosthodontics

  • Removable Prosthodontics

  • Operative (conservative) Dentistry

  • Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

  • Cariology and Preventive Dentistry

  • Oral Radiology

  • Principles and practice of infection control

  • Managing medical emergencies in the dental surgery

  • Introduction to Dental Implantology

  • Taking intra-oral radiographs

  • Administration of local anaesthesia

  • Rubber dam application

  • Communication and Dental Records

  • Oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice

  • Scaling and cleaning and root debridement