Course Outline

Optec Dr Jack Zaks, Dr Mara Kwek, Dr Sangeeta .V. Subramanian, Dr Michael Koller.

Fixed Prosthodontics Dr Menaka Arundathi Abuzar

Endodontics Dr Sajeev Koshy 

Pedodontics Dr Margarita Silva

A broad review of Paediatric Dentistry topics including:

Pulp therapy
Restorative dentistry
Oral pathology

There will also be a limited review of basic science issues which interact with clinical
topics in Paediatric Dentistry.

A brief clinical discussion of medicaments used in Paediatric Dentistry. There will also be some discussion on treatment planing and problem solving review of slides, which is similar to the approach utilised in oral examinations. This should make the candidates aware of their personal strengths and deficiencies.
Time management for exam preparation will be discussed as well.

Radiology Dr Jack Zaks

Lecture Topics :
  • Bitewing Technique and Interpretation
  • Caries
  • Periapical Technique (Bisecting Angle : Paralleling ) and Interpretation
  • Occlusal Radiology Technique and SLOB Rule
  • ADC Practical Exam
  • Describing a Lesion and Differential Diagnosis
  • OPG Technique and Interpretation
Practical Demonstration for all Intraoral Xray Techniques
IntraOral Xrays : Exercises to be performed on a Manikin.

A Mock Exam at the end of the Course

Oral Medicine Assoc Prof Michael McCullough

Periodontics Dr Luan Ngo 

Oral Surgery Dr Anamalay Ayasamy

Case Assessment Tutorials Dr George Lazaridis

Removeable Prosthodontics Dr Andrew Dias

Communication Mrs Gillian Zaks

Communication Tutorial

Two brief one on one sessions to enhance communication skills in a dental setting, one at the start of the course and one towards the end.

*Using role play, a number of factors involved in effective communication are highlighted.
*Appropriate cultural style of dentist/patient interaction eg. taking pauses for questions and responding to patient concerns.
*Pronunciation and articulation feedback
*Appropriate speed, intonation and volume of English spoken in the Australian setting
*Body language, including eye contact and posture
*After the first session the student will have derived some aspects to practice before the second session at which time progress can be observed and further adjustments made as required.

Stress management Dr Debbie Zaks

The 1½ hour stress management workshop is delivered as a lecture and several experiential
exercises, and covers the following topics:

  • Time management and goal setting
  • Stress reducing lifestyle factors (exercise, sleep, nutrition, leisure)
  • Relaxation strategies (diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness strategies)
  • Managing your mind – reducing the power of anxious thoughts

Stress management strategies for use in the exam (deep breathing, focusing strategies, positive self-talk.)

CPR Mr Ian Cash
Infection control